5 things to note when choosing to buy bowling balls

When starting to practice bowling seriously, having the technique to conquer scores and achievements is when you need your own bowling ball. So what do you need to keep in mind to choose the right bowling ball for yourself? The following article will help you understand each indicator and element of the bowling ball so you can choose the “ultimate weapon” for your game!

  1. Oil condition in lane

Each bowling ball has a moving feature and the best battery break depending on the lane conditions. Lane bowling you are hitting often short, long, medium, dry or heavy oil will greatly affect your decision to choose the ball. The bowling manufacturer always includes the parameter “Lane Condition” in the parameters of the ball they produce. Pay attention to this parameter first when choosing to buy bowling balls.

Why is each ball designed specifically for each type of oil? The secret lies in the characteristics of the shell and core of the ball that you will learn immediately below.

2. Ball cover (Cover Stock)

The second parameter we will explore is the ball shell. The structure of the ball will affect the ability of the ball to move on the floor, the bowling ball will hook strong or weak, sooner or later depending on 50% of the structure of the ball.

Before talking about today’s bowling ball, we should also mention the ball case of the 80s. The bowling ball case was made of wood and rubber. It’s hard to believe, but it is. After that, ball makers have made remarkable improvements in ball making material. They used Poly Urethane synthetic resin and polymeric active substances (Resin) to make ball shells. These compounds help the ball get more specific movements and more efficient battery breaking.

3. Ball core (Core)

The ball core is the center and can be called the “engine” of the bowling ball.
The low RG ball will tend to rotate, roll and roll violently right from the front of the lane as well as the ability to turn sharply and early. Low RG balls are often used on heavy oil decks (heavy).

The high RG ball will rotate more slowly and tend to extend towards the end of the lane before reversing, keeping the energy and only releasing the destructive energy at the hook stage, usually used on dry or medium oil platforms.

Diffrential of RG (Return variance): This indicator reflects the track flare left on the ball is more or less then rolled on the lane. The index runs from 0.01 to 0.08 and is proportional to track flare.

Less flare tracks (less oil rings) are common in moving characteristics balls that extend towards the end of the lane and hook late.

Multiple flare tracks (multiple oil rings) exhibit a very intense swing of the ball and create very sharp hook angles at the end of the lane, rotate and roll a lot in front of the lane, often in balls with strong drills.

4. The strength index of the ball

Viewed as bowler’s weapons, bowling balls also have its overall strength index. That’s the Perfect Scale index given by Bowlingball.com for every ball they sell. This index may be different from the scale of 1-10 hook of many manufacturers but it basically reflects the ability of the weak strong hook. Perfect Scale runs from 1-300

Currently the ball has the lowest strength score on bowlingball.com is 5 (ball spare plastic) and the highest is 232.8. The scale is open to 300 because manufacturers will also offer power balls that increase gradually over time and advanced technology levels. Please look at this index to know the power of the ball I intend to buy.

5. Weight ball

What the bowler guys are planning to do is the most worrying hook technique “can I hold the ball?” As you know about bowling. Bowling bowling has many different weights from 10-16lbs respectively. With banh hook, you must use the ball at least 14lbs or more to get the best effect. This is statistics from coaches and bowling ball makers.

Moreover, balls with axial core below 14lbs are usually adjusted to a simple core (Generic Core) rather than using the original core of the ball (because light balls are usually only used to hit spare or Spinner). Playing hooks with these balls is really ineffective.

Top 5 best Bowling games for Android

Bowling is a game where you have to throw a ball so as to spill as many bottles as possible. Bowling has the effect of relieving stress, releasing stress very high. This article will introduce you to the best bowling games for Android

Bowling King – Amazing fun bowling game
Bowling King now has tens of millions of players worldwide, with an extremely high rating of 4.6 / 5. It deserves to be the # 1 bowling game today.

The Bowling King has a high level of authenticity, adhering to the laws of physics with dozens of different ball patterns, wooden bottles and runways. You can compete with friends or challenge someone across the globe.

PBA Bowling Challenge
If you think you’re a bowling goalkeeper, this is the game for you. PBA Bowling Challenge allows you to compete with the top bowling players in the world. The more you win, the higher your rankings and the more powerful your opponent will be.

3D Bowling – real 3D bowling game
As its name suggests, the game has realistic 3D graphics. It is also based on basic laws of physics such as Newton’s laws, gravitation laws, friction … Besides, the game has a very good background music, very good listening.

World Bowling Championship
The game allows you to play without a network connection. World Bowling Championship has many different game modes, from easy to difficult. Every time you increase 1 level, you will be rewarded with 3 stars.

Cave Bowling – Game throwing obstacles
Cave Bowling is not the same as the games introduced in this article. The rules are quite simple, you have to throw the iron ball to spill as many bottles as possible and collect bones. However, here, there is no runway for the ball to roll in a straight line. You must be strong, correct and calculate so that the path of the ball is not very reasonable and accurate.

Above are the world’s leading bowling games for Android. You can choose from a realistic or fun game depending on your preferences. In addition, you can refer to some other game series for Android:

Is bowling in its final frames or will it roll on?

In its heyday, Cloverlanes Bowl in Livonia turned into this type of popular place to collect and throw balls that the weekend anticipate a lane is probably 2 even 3 — hours long.

“Oh my God, we concept we have been in a coliseum,” Betty Brown, 54, of Detroit said, remembering the primary time in 1972 she walked into the new, 64-lane bowling alley with its undulating roof. “We might never been in a place that big.”

The getting older middle now is anticipated to be bought to a developer. May also 2 become its ultimate open night, and it changed into far from full. There weren’t even sufficient takers to raffle a danger to throw the final ball. Brown and different loyal bowlers relived the good instances. Longtime workers shed tears.

Separately, america’s as soon as-grand bowling alleys are shutting down, elevating the question about whether bowling is in its final frames.

But a few industry watchers say the $6 billion-a-year commercial enterprise is in transition and equipped for a turnaround with a younger, white-collar crowd adopting a type of satisfied hour, after-work bowling habit.

Obama hits the bowling alley

“It is a distinctive enterprise than after I ran centers within the Seventies,” said Sandy Hansell, a former bowling alley owner who is now a countrywide broker in Southfield. “In those days, the commercial enterprise was constructed around leagues. Those days are long gone.”

Hansell pointed to places including Punch Bowl Social, which opened in December in downtown Detroit. Further to eight bowling lanes, it also gives take a seat-down dining, a spherical bar, ping-pong tables, arcade video games, shuffleboard, darts and private karaoke rooms.

“For the maximum element, bowling facilities have attempted to gear towards leisure,” said Matt Cordle, an operations supervisor at the Punch Bowl, who commenced his profession at a Royal very wellalley that not exists. “you spot lanes happening everywhere. however, you furthermore mght see this idea doping up.”

On Thursday, Punch Bowl Social turned into hopping with younger professionals, such as a collection of approximately 50 accountants from a Troy company.

“i love this location,” stated Mark Kempa, 23, of Ann Arbor, who settled in along with his BDO colleagues for a bowling sport. He stated he preferred the nostalgic feeling, but it also turned into modern, new and complete of lifestyles.

“I do not just like the old-time bowling alleys. They type of smell.”

To a few, the shift is proof of a transition within the American economic system from blue collar to more white collar, and the end result of more opposition for human beings’s leisure time. It additionally displays a willingness of bowling alley owners accomplishing retirement age to sell their assets, now really worth more as land to be advanced for other purposes.

From 1998-2013, the variety of bowling alleys in the U.S. fell to 3,976 from 5,400, or with the aid of approximately 26%. In Michigan, the range of facilities fell to 237 from 328, a decline of about 28%.

And the number of bowlers and alleys according to capita in Michigan has usually been the various maximum within the U.S., due in element to the proliferation of vehicle organisation leagues, a phenomenon that stretched out into different places of work.

“This is the bowling capital of the sector,” stated Mark Martin, the affiliation supervisor of the Metro Detroit U.S. Bowling Congress, which has more than forty five,000 participants, greater than some other metro congress affiliation. “A whole lot of it goes lower back to being the motor capital.”

In Muskegon, where bowling-gadget maker Brunswick has a manufacturing unit, the company’s presence over the years has been shrinking. final 12 months, Brunswick sold its bowling middle division to the big apple-based Bowlmor AMF for $270 million.

Brunswick said on the time that the deal become attractive because the number of facilities, and league bowlers, become declining.

But in 1958, bowling changed into on a roll. The American Society of making plans officials, a group of municipal planners that later have become the yank planning association, said: “The bowling alley is rapid becoming one of the most critical — if now not the maximum important — neighborhood middle of player recreation and exercise.”

A bowling alley turned into even set up on the White residence.

What makes an excellent bowler?

This article is about bowlers who have passed the “play for fun” stage and started practicing bowling seriously, with the goal of achieving high scores and winning great prizes in tournaments. So what makes an excellent bowler? Are these bowlers with terrific throws, swirling, curling and breaking batteries? That is not enough.
We would like to share some views on this issue based on practical experience to help you improve yourself and become a truly outstanding bowler.

Strike is effective and stable

When you first started bowling, at least start seriously, you are often obsessed with the beautiful pitches of the pro in the world. The pitches had a beautiful arc and whirled. You also begin to imitate and practice. Ok, that’s fine, but to be a great bowler, you not only need to have nice throwing but also EFFICIENCY and STABILITY.

What is the effect? The effect is when you can put the ball in the correct pocket (1-3) with the right angle, and the right speed, giving you a high probability of a strike. Creating beautiful and large throwing balls has not been very effective. Bowlers with strong throws, swirls and large arcs often use ball power (spin and speed) to compensate for their lack of precision.

Sometimes you see that these throws aren’t 1-3 right, but because the ball is so swirling, it will “blender” all 10 batteries. According to the Professional Bowling Association (PBA), professional bowlers with fewer Rev Rate and narrower curves have much higher stability and win many important awards.

Some of the most typical modern bowlers considered to be the legend of this school are: Norm Duke and Chris Barnes. These two legends have a very simple, gentle and non-violent throw style like many other bowlers but have extremely high stability. Their accuracy and repeatability of strike are extremely large, making every opponent frustrated!

The Spare throw ability is smooth

The bowler people often say the words: “Focus on spare really well, Strike will come automatically”. The meaning of this sentence is not to recommend not to strike but to practice the ability to spare really well. In tournaments, any bowler wishes to strike as much as possible. But it is not always possible to do that, even if you have the very best techniques like Chris Barne.

Understand lane

When it comes to bowling, people often only see bowler wrestling with batteries without knowing that the battery is only the last step in the process when you have to take the ball off a road full of thorns longer than 18 m . On oiled lanes, the oil may be short, long, thick, thin, as well as unpredictable changes due to the hot and humid weather and the impact of bowler players on the lane. Unfortunately this oil layer is completely colorless and you can only recognize the change when the ball rolls and interacts with the battery.

 Highly concentrate

Not just bowling, any sport needs concentration. Lessons need to be focused too: When in lane, only you, the ball and the lane. Your goal is to produce the highest quality throws possible.

How to play bowling correctly?

When modern life, there are many different sports development. Bowling is known as the entertainment sport not only for young people but also very good for the elderly.
Lane: Runway – made of shockproof materials, flat surface. On the runway there are different lines and different marks. The first is the horizontal bar that is forbidden to touch when throwing the ball, followed by 7 arrows that are divided into different distances to help players align the standard. Finally Kegel ranked from 1 to 10.

Ball: Bowling balls – made of hard materials (mostly plastic), with different weights and colors. The weight of the ball is marked by the number written on the ball. The lightest is number 6, the heaviest is number 16 (7.3 kg). The ball has 3 holes to keep the finger in.
Kegel: Batteries (or ky) – made of durable materials, of the same size and automatically stacked on the runway. Each kegel has a certain position in numbers.

Game: A game (game) has 10 turns (frame). Each turn throws the player thrown 2 times, except for the last turn. Every throw, if throwing 10 kegel from the first time is called STRIKE, and after 2 new throws, it is called SPARE. Strike and spare are added points. A runway should only be 3 people maximum.

  • Techniques swinging hands before throwing

When swinging a hand throwing ball is often based on the “pendulum” principle. From standing posture we will bring the ball forward and then with the ball and arms swinging the ball backwards. The point of swinging the ball back is from the waist and the highest is the shoulder (but the shoulder is only high for the professional, the new players should not try it), the arm swinging the ball must be straight. You should choose the right weight ball to throw for the best results.

  • Step

Do not go too fast or too slow. The first step is the shortest and the last step is the longest. The last step slipped on the floor. When stopping, just shift your focus to the heel.

  • The ball leaves forward and moves downwards – behind
  • The ball continues to move backwards – below
  • The ball moves behind – go up to the highest level of your hand
  • The ball moves down and goes forward.

4 Common Bowling Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Bowling is a sport that requires ingenuity in balancing hand force and direction of pitching. Here are 4 common mistakes and how to fix them so you get a perfect pitch.

1. Bring the ball forward too far

Moving the ball forward too far will cause the wrist to open, the ball facing back. This makes it impossible to hook effectively when release.

2. Stoop back, lose your posture when the ball has just started the swing

When you stoop and head too much, your ball position in the swing will be wrong. This will deflect the ball’s direction. To overcome this mistake, you are able to reduce the amplitude to bring the ball to the front so that the ball can be located in front of the hand and not sagged behind.

3. Early timing

This usually happens when you put the ball forward and let the ball fall too early. In 4-step mode, this happens when you have just started the first step (right foot) then the ball falls below, while in the 1st step, you just bring the ball forward. In the 5-step pattern, this happens in the 2nd step similar to the 4-step type. On the other hand, giving the ball a late swing also causes you to become disordered and lose sync with the step.

Early timing will lead to a foul line ahead of the sliding foot, you will be sent to the front of the release. A late ball kick will cause you to wait for the ball long before the foul line reaches the foul line, the ball will lose momentum and you will not have the ball with the right speed.

4. Excessive hand strain

This is also a pretty basic error in bowling. Like a pendulum mounted on a rope, your bowling ball needs to be swing freely. Newly trained bowlers often have reflexes to hold the ball during swinging. This is a natural reflex when you hold a heavy object. And it also happens more when holding that heavy object is not sure. A common cause is because the thumb hole is too wide and the finger hole distance with the thumb does not match your hand.