When did bowling come from?

Maybe many of you have learned about Bowling as a novelty entertainment introduced from the West. In the world, it has a long and massive history of formation and development! Bowling is one of the most popular recreational sports and has the most players in the US. Today, Bowling has been introduced to many countries from the West to the East and was enthusiastically received by people. But few know that Bowling has appeared since BC.
Many judgments of historians, the first forms of Bowling appeared from 3200 BC. Flinders Petrie historian and archaeologist has discovered a mummy is a boy with a ball in a coffin in Egypt and the 1930s. Many experts say this is possible The earliest form of the subject we call Bowling today.

How has bowling changed?

Bowling is played today by rolling a ball with the goal of knocking down 10 batteries at the end of the lane. Contrary to what you think, Bowling was played with only 9 batteries across Europe. In Edinburgh, people also play this game with a rather fancy playing rule. Players will hold and throw a heavy ball without holes … between their legs to knock down batteries at the end of the lane, different from the modern game rules now. Currently many local bowling tournaments still apply 9 pin rules.

The first true bowling alley probably appeared in New York and you will be surprised to know that they are played on a grass carpet. This place is still present, it is located in the heart of New York financial street and is called the name “Bowling Green”.

The strong attraction of bowling in the US has made the authorities keep an eye on it. In 1841, according to Connecticut law, bowling 9 batteries were banned because it was used by many people for gambling and betting purposes in the city. This law was quickly “sidelined” by adding 1 pin to the total battery of the game. That’s also the reason why we see modern bowling has 10 batteries now.

In the 1800s, bowling became extremely popular in the United States. It attracts hundreds of thousands of participants, from big cities like New York to the Wild West states like Illinois. Bowling does not have a certain game rule yet. In each place, people have their own rules and ways of playing, including regulating ball weight and battery size.
In the United States today there is also an international museum of Bowling, you can visit to see authentic pictures of the history of formation and development of this exciting sport: International Bowling Museum