What makes an excellent bowler?

This article is about bowlers who have passed the “play for fun” stage and started practicing bowling seriously, with the goal of achieving high scores and winning great prizes in tournaments. So what makes an excellent bowler? Are these bowlers with terrific throws, swirling, curling and breaking batteries? That is not enough.
We would like to share some views on this issue based on practical experience to help you improve yourself and become a truly outstanding bowler.

Strike is effective and stable

When you first started bowling, at least start seriously, you are often obsessed with the beautiful pitches of the pro in the world. The pitches had a beautiful arc and whirled. You also begin to imitate and practice. Ok, that’s fine, but to be a great bowler, you not only need to have nice throwing but also EFFICIENCY and STABILITY.

What is the effect? The effect is when you can put the ball in the correct pocket (1-3) with the right angle, and the right speed, giving you a high probability of a strike. Creating beautiful and large throwing balls has not been very effective. Bowlers with strong throws, swirls and large arcs often use ball power (spin and speed) to compensate for their lack of precision.

Sometimes you see that these throws aren’t 1-3 right, but because the ball is so swirling, it will “blender” all 10 batteries. According to the Professional Bowling Association (PBA), professional bowlers with fewer Rev Rate and narrower curves have much higher stability and win many important awards.

Some of the most typical modern bowlers considered to be the legend of this school are: Norm Duke and Chris Barnes. These two legends have a very simple, gentle and non-violent throw style like many other bowlers but have extremely high stability. Their accuracy and repeatability of strike are extremely large, making every opponent frustrated!

The Spare throw ability is smooth

The bowler people often say the words: “Focus on spare really well, Strike will come automatically”. The meaning of this sentence is not to recommend not to strike but to practice the ability to spare really well. In tournaments, any bowler wishes to strike as much as possible. But it is not always possible to do that, even if you have the very best techniques like Chris Barne.

Understand lane

When it comes to bowling, people often only see bowler wrestling with batteries without knowing that the battery is only the last step in the process when you have to take the ball off a road full of thorns longer than 18 m . On oiled lanes, the oil may be short, long, thick, thin, as well as unpredictable changes due to the hot and humid weather and the impact of bowler players on the lane. Unfortunately this oil layer is completely colorless and you can only recognize the change when the ball rolls and interacts with the battery.

 Highly concentrate

Not just bowling, any sport needs concentration. Lessons need to be focused too: When in lane, only you, the ball and the lane. Your goal is to produce the highest quality throws possible.