Life Sciences in Bowling

Science and bowling, for many people, don’t have too many similarities. Yet a professor of mathematics at Saint Louis University wrote a lecture called The Physics of Bowling. The professor’s name is Dylan Brody Johnson. Let’s find out!

6 degree contact angle divine

By his research, he showed that strikes occur at a much higher frequency if the contact angle between the ball’s taxi line and the straight line is 6 degrees, and the ball hits the pin in the middle of pin number 1 and pin number 3. At the same time, in his lecture, he also demonstrated that such a 6-degree angle is impossible to achieve if the pitch is completely straight.

Swirling ball lines

The magic in bowling lies in a secret. When making a pitch, a skilled player will create spin for the ball. At this time, due to its own rotation, the trajectory of the ball will also curve. Only now can players create a 6-degree contact angle as mentioned in the previous section.

Slippery runway

According to the professor, anyone who has accidentally set foot over the Foul Line has noticed the smoothness of the runways. The type of oil and the uniformity of the oil distribution on the runway will affect the trajectory of the ball, and of course also affect the ability to hit Strike. Usually the oil will only be lubricated from the Foul Line to about 15 ft. (about 4.5 m) from battery bottles. If the ball still has a high kinetic energy and high spin on this line, it will follow an abnormal trajectory.

Strike is the king

Try some maths! Everyone knows that a perfect game consists of 12 strikes in a row with a total score of 300. In fact, a player cannot score 200 points without achieving any strike. The highest score a bowler can achieve will be only 190 if he scored all spare 9-1 and scored 9 points in the “turn 11”.

Perfect match game

A player who has a 50% chance to strike in each of his / her throws is already very good. However, the ability for that person to achieve a perfect game will only be 1 / (2 ^ 12). That is, for every 4096 games, there will be only one perfect game. It would make us want to go out and try it a few thousand times.

Bowling Score Calculation Effect

In a bowling match with 10 basic pins, if the player threw down 9 pins, they would score 90 points. However, if the player throws 10 pins for the first time (strike), you can harvest up to 300 points by accumulating bonus points of the next throw.

The specific calculation can be understood as follows, 10 pins in the first-class represent 100 points, this is the official score. In addition, reward points will be calculated by the number of pins thrown next time. If on the next turn, you continue to throw 10 pins in a single turn, you are rewarded with an additional 100 points for the first round.

If on the third throw, you continue to throw 10 pins with a single ball, the cumulative bonus points can be up to 200 points. So, the number of official 100 points and the 200 bonus points for the first round has reached 300 points, more than 3 times higher than just throwing 9 pins.

It can be seen from this bowling effect that as long as you are a little better than others and continue to persevere, you can win many times more valuable opportunities than them. With so many opportunities put together, the successes you gain will become bigger and bigger, bridging the gap between the two sides quickly.

A little difference in the process can also lead to a lot of difference in the results. Therefore, if we constantly strive to improve ourselves, we will lag behind other people sooner or later. Day by day, such inferiority will be multiplied, which makes us lose the ability to control our own lives.

It can be seen that, if you are just a little better than others, you can also win many times more valuable opportunities than them. With so many opportunities combined, the success you gain will get bigger and bigger, which will quickly bridge the gap between the two sides.