Approach Direction in Bowling

Drift is a common problem among players. However, for long-time players, they can take advantage of this effect even in a very narrow number of parameters. The most important is that the amount of drift is small, one or two tables and does not change from one part of the lane to another.

If the bowler is on the right track, he cannot stay behind the ball at the point of release without throwing the ball directly into the trough. In an attempt not only to do that, he had no choice but to come to the ball early and sacrifice the power at the point of release.

Directions are always important, but with modern lanes and modern bowling balls, it’s even more important. First we have to talk about skating because the change in skating in modern bowling affects the direction of all the other steps. Historically, archers were taught that the sliding foot must end in a position where the toes are pointed in the opposite direction to the bowling hand.

of all the other steps. Historically, archers were taught that the sliding foot must end in a position where the toes are pointed in the opposite direction to the bowling hand.

This ensures two square shoulders become foul lines to allow the ball line to parallel the lane. Today, the ball is usually projected from left to right. To facilitate this, almost every top-level archer ends up with his skating feet pointing in the direction he wants the ball to go; out to the stop, from left to right.

The direction of the other steps serves two functions: allowing the ball to rotate freely without having to go around the body of the pitcher. And put the pitcher in a position where the skid can go from left to right so he can project the ball to the stop. Let’s use the five-step approach to discuss the directions of each step, but for the four-step approach, just ignore the comments on the first step.

The two diagonal steps are important to clear the side hips of the ball in both backswing and downswing. If those two steps do not intersect, the hand may have trouble standing behind the ball on the way down. This can cause chicken wings or rise to the top, robbing the release of power and roll. Another problem is that when the first step in the five-step approach to the right begins to drift to the right.

Finally, when the foot slides open to the left, it can cause a kind of penguin movement, because that motion with the foot tends to want to move the ball around the archer’s body to bring it straight. line. As the foot slipped along the projection, the body felt that it was aligned.

Bowling Score Calculation Effect

In a bowling match with 10 basic pins, if the player threw down 9 pins, they would score 90 points. However, if the player throws 10 pins for the first time (strike), you can harvest up to 300 points by accumulating bonus points of the next throw.

The specific calculation can be understood as follows, 10 pins in the first-class represent 100 points, this is the official score. In addition, reward points will be calculated by the number of pins thrown next time. If on the next turn, you continue to throw 10 pins in a single turn, you are rewarded with an additional 100 points for the first round.

If on the third throw, you continue to throw 10 pins with a single ball, the cumulative bonus points can be up to 200 points. So, the number of official 100 points and the 200 bonus points for the first round has reached 300 points, more than 3 times higher than just throwing 9 pins.

It can be seen from this bowling effect that as long as you are a little better than others and continue to persevere, you can win many times more valuable opportunities than them. With so many opportunities put together, the successes you gain will become bigger and bigger, bridging the gap between the two sides quickly.

A little difference in the process can also lead to a lot of difference in the results. Therefore, if we constantly strive to improve ourselves, we will lag behind other people sooner or later. Day by day, such inferiority will be multiplied, which makes us lose the ability to control our own lives.

It can be seen that, if you are just a little better than others, you can also win many times more valuable opportunities than them. With so many opportunities combined, the success you gain will get bigger and bigger, which will quickly bridge the gap between the two sides.

Factors Affecting Footwork in Bowling

Let’s consider the individual factors that make up the footing: the length of the whole approach, the length of the steps, the approach, the direction of the steps, and the rhythm or tempo of the whole approach.

Approach length

From entertainment leagues to professional events, you’ll see big changes in the distance from the offending players starting their approach. The most important thing about the overall length of the approach is that it’s perfectly coordinated with the ball so that both go to the same foul line at the same time.

If the length of the approach and the whole rotating movement are the same, then the dancers are performing the same dance. If they were different, it would affect everything, from balance and accuracy to the effectiveness of the release.

Approach to length

Many bowling players believe that standing further in the approach is a good way to generate more ball speed. This is sometimes true, as long as the ball and the player reach the line at the same time.

Long steps and some common issues

The length of the steps affects the overall beat. Traditional thinking is that the steps should start to shorten and increase in length, culminating in the slide being the longest step. This is still generally accepted, in modern bowling, the second to the last step, the power step, usually shorter than before.

The problem discussed above with pitchers who are facing an approach to speeding up their ball is often accompanied by the discord caused by the huge first step when the pitcher tries to create a dynamic. force as much as possible. The first step too long can easily build too much momentum too quickly which leads to latency and a muscular armor.

Another complication can occur when the power step becomes too short, hindering the supplier’s ability to pass this second important step to the last step, keeping him from fully deviating his hips.


The direction of the entire approach will result in Bowler’s sliding feet ending up on the line on the same board it started. This is why it is so important to line up the approach with the same step that you take the last step. For example, if an archer lined up with his right foot and slipped to the line with his left foot, he had no way of knowing whether his approach was straight or if he had drifted in one direction or another.

Checking the complete position of the skid at the line is why you see so many professional players looking down at their feet at the line. This is not a bad habit to develop as it will also ensure that you keep your followers on line.

Benefits of Bowling Shoes With Alternate Soles

If you are a bowler who often practices or competes on many different bowling alleys, it is indispensable to equip shoes with heel soles and replaceable sole. So what is the benefit of this?

The 4 main benefits of owning a shoe that can change the sole are:

  • You won’t need to care about left or right hand bowler shoes, as the sole can be quickly peeled off, glued, and swapped.
  • Material made bowling alley unusual or slippery. Causes falls, injuries, psychological effects and is the obsession of many bowlers.
  • When the temperature of the bowling alley increased, water vapor on the surface appeared, making the floor sticky, obstructing the final slip of the bowlers, directly affecting the performance.
  • When entering the official tournament, the bowler is not allowed to use chalk on the floor to smooth the sole of the shoe, so that you will have to deal with the surface of the floor screeching like?

Principle of sliding sole replacement

With changeable soles, you only need to use the soles with the S + number, the bigger the floor when the floor becomes whizy and the soles with the S + number are smaller when the floor shows signs of slippery.

The bigger the shoe number, the smoother, and the smaller the bowling shoe, the more rit number (increase grip, reduce the slip margin, prevent slip).

This flexible change will give you a much better advantage than competitors who do not know this. You will no longer be resigned when the floor changes unfavorable for you.

The adaptability of these bowling shoes is displayed with interchangeable soles. This allows you to tailor your skates to suit your needs, it’s best to be able to adjust your bowling shoes to allow different surfaces, which is important when playing tournaments or Tournaments. That also means you can replace skates or traction without having to buy a new pair of bowling shoes.

Typical Types of Bowling Shoes

Bowling shoes, an indispensable tool of the bowler just behind the bowling ball. For a good bowling game, you need a stable ball and a balanced body after the ball. Bowling shoes are the determining factor of this 70%. So how do you choose bowling shoes for the most reasonable and smartest?

Bowling shoes are divided into 3 categories.

2 sliding soles (both soles can be used for sliding): These shoes are the cheapest. Suitable for beginners bowling. The reason this type of shoe is made is that it can be used for both left-handed and right-handed people when sliding and the price is very soft. It is suitable for bowling players at the entertainment level, just starting.

Many people say that shoes with 2 soles slip like this are difficult to stick to the floor to slide in the last step. The same is true, but for recreational bowling players, it doesn’t matter much, mainly that they can slide quite smoothly without being stunned like using normal shoes.

In addition, for those who practice bowling, but with little or no sliding (just step forward and stomp on the final step), this is the most economical and economical solution. Because not every bowler has the habit of sliding in the last step, of course it’s rare but not impossible. If you don’t use the sliding step to finish, there’s no need to buy the shoes with the latest slip soles.

1 skid base, 1 soles: Shoe type 1 soles 1 soles are designed with the purpose of creating grip and fulcrum for one leg so that the other foot can slide hard and firm. This is the minimum type of shoe required for bowlers who have been practicing regularly and participating in tournaments. If you buy shoes of this type, you must pay attention to your right foot or left foot. Because the right foot shoe will slip on the left foot and vice versa.

The type of shoe and shoe replacement can be: This is a versatile shoe that can change the sole and heel of the shoe within just one note. Sliding and heel soles are divided into different types with increased floor grip according to bowler needs and sliding floor conditions. You just need to rip it off and you’re done. With the bowler as the height increases, the need for master steps will increase gradually, the sliding and stopping becomes extremely important.

How to Take Care of A Bowling Ball

The most precious bowling ball apart from the ball core is the ball shell. Bowling ball is made by world-famous bowling manufacturers with advanced technology to increase battery breaking power, increase friction to create the big hook and help ball hook early or late. The bowling ball case also has the ability to absorb oil to help the ball surface keep the hiss and friction (the prerequisite for ball rolling or also called hook). Just like a motorcycle, to ensure that these functions work best you must pay attention to the care and maintenance of the ball. How?

Clean the ball

On the lane, in addition to oil, there are many other deposits that also cling to the surface of the ball. If you do not clean the ball after hitting it, this layer of debris will close the thick layer on the ball, reducing the ability to effectively interact between the ball and the lane and the battery.

Steam the oil out of the shell

After a period of use, the oil has soaked into the ball cover quite a lot, causing the ball to saturate the ability to absorb oil. You will feel less hook because of the slippery surface. Just putting the ball in the ball bag is the ball that shows signs of oiling on the surface. Or you just need to place your hand on the ball surface for a few seconds as the ball has dropped from the heat from your hand. That’s when you have to steam the oil out of the ball. How?

Sanding back the surface of the ball

After a period of use, when you feel your ball is less hooked, you can also go to the proshop to sanding the shell surface to help the ball increase friction on the surface, and increase the grip of the ball with the floor. This is a move that increases the friction coefficient between the ball cover and the floor surface.

Basic Bowling Accessories You Need to Have (part 2)

In addition to the items listed in Part 1, other items in this part 2 should also be in your bowling bag for timely use when needed.

4. Bowling tape

The bowling tape here is a special type used to stick a thumb hole or into your hand when bowling. 2 types:

Thumb duct tape:

A thumbstick tape is used to make the hole fit better or to help you stick a hole more firmly. There are 2 types of thumb hole tape that are black slippery tape (help you slip easily out of the hole) and white hiss tape helps you stick more firmly.

Sometimes your fingers expand, especially if you have a finger bottle, your thumb will become wider, making it harder for you to stick to the ball. A small piece of duct tape attached to the thumb hole is a fast and effective solution. This tape is made into pre-cut pieces, wrapped into rolls, you just need to tear it out and use it immediately.

Finger tape

Finger tape is used to stick to the finger for the purpose of tightening the thumb hole, while protecting the finger from being bottled by friction into the thumb hole at the exit of the thumb. This tape is made into long rolls for you to cut out pieces with arbitrary length.

5. Pull sharp

If you have used duct tape then it is difficult to not carry the scissors. The scissors are used to cut the tape and it also accidentally becomes a tool that helps you stick the tape to the thumb hole more easily.

6. 502 glue

You will say that glue 502 has nothing to do with it if you have not had a finger after a long time using peeled and accidentally dropped it. This is an extremely unpredictable case. But if it happens that you don’t have the 502 glue to fix it right away, you can say goodbye to your tournament that evening

7. Ball wash water

Ball wash water is the accessory you need to take regularly with you to clean the ball after hitting it. In some cases, the use of ball wash water to clean balls during competition also has a significant effect, helping the surface of the ball shell to be removed from the dirt and quickly returning to its inherent “curve”.

8. Medical tape

Like every other sport, you can always be injured while practicing and bowling. What would you do if your fingers accidentally peeled off, bleed? No one will help you at that time faster and more effectively than you. So, have a box of medical tape in your bowling bag handy for your own safety and health.

All the above accessories are nothing bulky. It will fit nicely in a baby bag like this for you to put in your bowling ball bag. Be professional from the way you prepare for your own game.

Basic Bowling Accessories You Need to Have (part 1)

Although it is a semi-professional bowler, to practice and play bowling in the most effective way, you need to have a full range of essential accessories. The following article will help you understand why you need these accessories in your bowling ball bag.

1. Ball cleaning towel

Special ball washers are needed. Because, the usual towels to wipe the face you use, cannot effectively absorb oil on balls. If your ball is very oily, then you can slip off when sticking the ball, 2 will accidentally slip into your thumb or finger, it will be a bad one for the decision frame! Special bowling ball wipes with 80% polyester and 20% poliamide material.

2. Shoe baseball brush

It sounds irrelevant but in fact it will be the savior for your slide. Bowling shoes with sliding soles are very important. If you get dirty or dust, the sole will not work. You need a hard bristle brush to clean off the dirt on the sliding nose. It is also a tool for you to clean your own shoes.

More importantly, brushing on the slip soles will help you adjust the slider’s range more or less. Imagine, when you encounter a bowling floor with a squeaky or slippery floor, what should you do to adjust the slip of the shoe sole without a brush? Sometimes, that tiny brush will become the end of your competition day.

3. Chalk baby

The baby is used when your fingers, hands or thumbs have more than water or sweat. Baby chalk will dry quickly and absorb moisture. There will be a day when the humidity in the bowling alley is too high, you will have this difficulty. Hand sweat and moisture in the thumb will make you slip when swinging. You certainly won’t want to see that scene.

Bowlmor AMF CEO’s Business Secret

The success of the bowling alley in Union Square has added courage to Tom Shannon to expand Bowlmor nationwide. Now this bowling center chain pocketed $ 60 million in revenue each year.

Tom Shannon is the owner of a series of bowling centers stretching from New York City to Curpertino, California. In the eyes of many people, the bowling industry specializes in serving his father in the bowling league in the province that is dying. But in Shannon’s eyes, if turning a bowling alley into a high-class entertainment space for business parties or fun-loving couples, the chances of making money will be small.

The idea appeared in Shannon’s head in 1994 when he attended a birthday party at Bowling Bowlmore Lanes right next to New York’s Unified Square. Shannon said every time he recalled the operation there, it was like the 1950s business.

As a passionate restructuring student at Virginia University’s Darden business school, Shannon mulled the data and found that he could renew the business, raising prices. He will market to high-end customers who are willing to pay extra for a night of play.

In 1997, Shannon bought the failed bowling court for $ 2 million – a loan from a company specializing in small business SBIC plus a debt note from the seller. He quickly embarked on the reform. The first is to create new features for the game like automatic grading, then selling beer, selling delicious food and receiving credit card payments.

Shannon recounted that their revenue doubled in the first year and nearly doubled in the following year. He remembers that in those busy early days. In the daytime, upgrading and renovating to night will be open to serve customers to make up for the money spent during the day.

The success of the bowling alley in Union Square has added courage to Shannon to expand Bowlmor nationwide. Now this bowling center chain pocketed $ 60 million in revenue each year. Not only buying and upgrading bowling courts in Bethesda, Maryland and Long Island, New York, Shannon also built many new stadiums in Cupertino, Miami and Orange County (California).

Is Your Bicep Size Bigger Due to Playing Bowling?

Many people still worry that playing bowling are able to make the biceps become bigger and rougher because this sport mainly requires the strength of the hand. This is the concern of many girls. However, does bowling really make your biceps bigger as you think?

The first impression of people about Bowling is that the player “has” brought a very heavy ball 6,7,8,9 or 10 kg. How can women be so heavy? Holding the ball like that will always make your hand bigger like weight training. It looks so bad!

The reason that this subject has many balls with different weights is to make it easier to break batteries. A large ball is more likely to destroy batteries. However, that is just a small aspect of the game.

Girls with a height of 150 to 165 centimeters can easily hold balls from 6 to 10 pounds very easily without having to brace themselves. Furthermore, in a ball throw, you only hold the ball for about 5 seconds to release. If you consider it to be a weightlifting exercise to increase muscle, then the bodybuilders will flock to bowling instead of having to carry a ton of iron weight.

Apart from that, basically, the right bowling technique doesn’t require players to stiffen their forearms. The motion of swinging bowling is like a ball hanging at the end of a thread. The thread can only hold the ball, not the ball. So do your hands, it only works to grasp the ball at the hand and wrist all the forearm and the other arm is completely relaxed and swaying in the rhythm of the footsteps.

Because many of you don’t know the basic technique, you feel you have to hold your hand to hold the ball. Therefore, ask someone with technical guidance during the game. You will be completely comfortable throwing the ball without feeling heavy. And surely your hands will not have muscles!