Benefits of Bowling Shoes With Alternate Soles

If you are a bowler who often practices or competes on many different bowling alleys, it is indispensable to equip shoes with heel soles and replaceable sole. So what is the benefit of this?

The 4 main benefits of owning a shoe that can change the sole are:

  • You won’t need to care about left or right hand bowler shoes, as the sole can be quickly peeled off, glued, and swapped.
  • Material made bowling alley unusual or slippery. Causes falls, injuries, psychological effects and is the obsession of many bowlers.
  • When the temperature of the bowling alley increased, water vapor on the surface appeared, making the floor sticky, obstructing the final slip of the bowlers, directly affecting the performance.
  • When entering the official tournament, the bowler is not allowed to use chalk on the floor to smooth the sole of the shoe, so that you will have to deal with the surface of the floor screeching like?

Principle of sliding sole replacement

With changeable soles, you only need to use the soles with the S + number, the bigger the floor when the floor becomes whizy and the soles with the S + number are smaller when the floor shows signs of slippery.

The bigger the shoe number, the smoother, and the smaller the bowling shoe, the more rit number (increase grip, reduce the slip margin, prevent slip).

This flexible change will give you a much better advantage than competitors who do not know this. You will no longer be resigned when the floor changes unfavorable for you.

The adaptability of these bowling shoes is displayed with interchangeable soles. This allows you to tailor your skates to suit your needs, it’s best to be able to adjust your bowling shoes to allow different surfaces, which is important when playing tournaments or Tournaments. That also means you can replace skates or traction without having to buy a new pair of bowling shoes.

Typical Types of Bowling Shoes

Bowling shoes, an indispensable tool of the bowler just behind the bowling ball. For a good bowling game, you need a stable ball and a balanced body after the ball. Bowling shoes are the determining factor of this 70%. So how do you choose bowling shoes for the most reasonable and smartest?

Bowling shoes are divided into 3 categories.

2 sliding soles (both soles can be used for sliding): These shoes are the cheapest. Suitable for beginners bowling. The reason this type of shoe is made is that it can be used for both left-handed and right-handed people when sliding and the price is very soft. It is suitable for bowling players at the entertainment level, just starting.

Many people say that shoes with 2 soles slip like this are difficult to stick to the floor to slide in the last step. The same is true, but for recreational bowling players, it doesn’t matter much, mainly that they can slide quite smoothly without being stunned like using normal shoes.

In addition, for those who practice bowling, but with little or no sliding (just step forward and stomp on the final step), this is the most economical and economical solution. Because not every bowler has the habit of sliding in the last step, of course it’s rare but not impossible. If you don’t use the sliding step to finish, there’s no need to buy the shoes with the latest slip soles.

1 skid base, 1 soles: Shoe type 1 soles 1 soles are designed with the purpose of creating grip and fulcrum for one leg so that the other foot can slide hard and firm. This is the minimum type of shoe required for bowlers who have been practicing regularly and participating in tournaments. If you buy shoes of this type, you must pay attention to your right foot or left foot. Because the right foot shoe will slip on the left foot and vice versa.

The type of shoe and shoe replacement can be: This is a versatile shoe that can change the sole and heel of the shoe within just one note. Sliding and heel soles are divided into different types with increased floor grip according to bowler needs and sliding floor conditions. You just need to rip it off and you’re done. With the bowler as the height increases, the need for master steps will increase gradually, the sliding and stopping becomes extremely important.