Bowling: Is Shoulder Drop A Mistake?

As a bowler, you’ve probably received comments like your role dropped and you’re told to keep your shoulders up to play bowling better. So is the truth that tilting your shoulders or dropping your shoulders is a bad habit or a bad move in bowling?

Dropping the shoulder is a bowler’s action when tilting the shoulder to one side makes the side shoulder lower than the other shoulder when standing holding the ball, moving the momentum and ending the ball. The advice not to drop the shoulder is actually a tip that existed in the world of bowlers for a very long time when the high-tech bowling balls were not in the wild and most of the bowlers used urethane balls, little Friction, little hook and the majority of the ball are going straight to a foul line perpendicular to the hook before being lightly taped to the 1-3 pin. With such straight lines and few hooks, most bowlers must keep the horizontal shoulder absolutely so that the ball doesn’t get too much out (the ball made by urethane can’t hook a lot and hook the big corner).

Since the 1990s, the story has changed a lot when shell-shaped balls of high-tech cores begin to appear on the market to help bowlers create big dreamlike hook lines and play indifferently. At that time, it is necessary to create larger corners and extend beyond the lane. Falling shoulders or tilting shoulders now proved to be an essential technique for bowlers to do so.

As you tilt your shoulders, you create a natural space for the ball when it is inserted into the swing round, which bowling experts call the Swing Slot. The ball will not get entangled in your legs during the momentum. This creates an extremely comfortable and stable swing feeling during the swing ball.

Your aim will be much improved. When tilting your shoulders to one side, your head, eyes and chin have moved in the same direction a bit and it will be placed just above the ball, after you’ve tilted your shoulders. This is a prerequisite for achieving an effective and accurate vision.

When tilting your shoulders to one side while holding a ball, the ball will inadvertently be brought inside the body, which means your body’s focus will be more stable when moving and avoiding shaking. You will have a much better shot.

When did bowling come from?

Maybe many of you have learned about Bowling as a novelty entertainment introduced from the West. In the world, it has a long and massive history of formation and development! Bowling is one of the most popular recreational sports and has the most players in the US. Today, Bowling has been introduced to many countries from the West to the East and was enthusiastically received by people. But few know that Bowling has appeared since BC.
Many judgments of historians, the first forms of Bowling appeared from 3200 BC. Flinders Petrie historian and archaeologist has discovered a mummy is a boy with a ball in a coffin in Egypt and the 1930s. Many experts say this is possible The earliest form of the subject we call Bowling today.

How has bowling changed?

Bowling is played today by rolling a ball with the goal of knocking down 10 batteries at the end of the lane. Contrary to what you think, Bowling was played with only 9 batteries across Europe. In Edinburgh, people also play this game with a rather fancy playing rule. Players will hold and throw a heavy ball without holes … between their legs to knock down batteries at the end of the lane, different from the modern game rules now. Currently many local bowling tournaments still apply 9 pin rules.

The first true bowling alley probably appeared in New York and you will be surprised to know that they are played on a grass carpet. This place is still present, it is located in the heart of New York financial street and is called the name “Bowling Green”.

The strong attraction of bowling in the US has made the authorities keep an eye on it. In 1841, according to Connecticut law, bowling 9 batteries were banned because it was used by many people for gambling and betting purposes in the city. This law was quickly “sidelined” by adding 1 pin to the total battery of the game. That’s also the reason why we see modern bowling has 10 batteries now.

In the 1800s, bowling became extremely popular in the United States. It attracts hundreds of thousands of participants, from big cities like New York to the Wild West states like Illinois. Bowling does not have a certain game rule yet. In each place, people have their own rules and ways of playing, including regulating ball weight and battery size.
In the United States today there is also an international museum of Bowling, you can visit to see authentic pictures of the history of formation and development of this exciting sport: International Bowling Museum

What makes an excellent bowler?

This article is about bowlers who have passed the “play for fun” stage and started practicing bowling seriously, with the goal of achieving high scores and winning great prizes in tournaments. So what makes an excellent bowler? Are these bowlers with terrific throws, swirling, curling and breaking batteries? That is not enough.
We would like to share some views on this issue based on practical experience to help you improve yourself and become a truly outstanding bowler.

Strike is effective and stable

When you first started bowling, at least start seriously, you are often obsessed with the beautiful pitches of the pro in the world. The pitches had a beautiful arc and whirled. You also begin to imitate and practice. Ok, that’s fine, but to be a great bowler, you not only need to have nice throwing but also EFFICIENCY and STABILITY.

What is the effect? The effect is when you can put the ball in the correct pocket (1-3) with the right angle, and the right speed, giving you a high probability of a strike. Creating beautiful and large throwing balls has not been very effective. Bowlers with strong throws, swirls and large arcs often use ball power (spin and speed) to compensate for their lack of precision.

Sometimes you see that these throws aren’t 1-3 right, but because the ball is so swirling, it will “blender” all 10 batteries. According to the Professional Bowling Association (PBA), professional bowlers with fewer Rev Rate and narrower curves have much higher stability and win many important awards.

Some of the most typical modern bowlers considered to be the legend of this school are: Norm Duke and Chris Barnes. These two legends have a very simple, gentle and non-violent throw style like many other bowlers but have extremely high stability. Their accuracy and repeatability of strike are extremely large, making every opponent frustrated!

The Spare throw ability is smooth

The bowler people often say the words: “Focus on spare really well, Strike will come automatically”. The meaning of this sentence is not to recommend not to strike but to practice the ability to spare really well. In tournaments, any bowler wishes to strike as much as possible. But it is not always possible to do that, even if you have the very best techniques like Chris Barne.

Understand lane

When it comes to bowling, people often only see bowler wrestling with batteries without knowing that the battery is only the last step in the process when you have to take the ball off a road full of thorns longer than 18 m . On oiled lanes, the oil may be short, long, thick, thin, as well as unpredictable changes due to the hot and humid weather and the impact of bowler players on the lane. Unfortunately this oil layer is completely colorless and you can only recognize the change when the ball rolls and interacts with the battery.

 Highly concentrate

Not just bowling, any sport needs concentration. Lessons need to be focused too: When in lane, only you, the ball and the lane. Your goal is to produce the highest quality throws possible.

Jakob Butturff finally got his first win in major events

Butturff must be fed up with his second ranking for consecutive three times in major events, so he made it the first champion in the Monday night. After defeating Mykel Holliman 228 to 196, Jakob Butturff received his first title in the career in 2019 US Bowling Congress Masters, also claimed the sixth titles until now.

Before the night against Mykel Holliman, Butturff had became runners-up in three major events at the 2017 US Open, 2018 US Open and again at the PBA World Championship last week. Butturff was so down when he completed his second US Open as runners-up. He thought that it was the last time he had got such a good opportunity to win a title. But with this championship, he has changed the all.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho jakob butturff first win major title

Although he was struggling with the upper back pain during the end period of the Masters, Butturff did not give up and finally got his fruits the first time in the career. He was absolutely emotional after making the winning shot in the final frame last Monday night. By making spares and being clean, he kept leading throughout the match without a significant opponent.  

The only player who had the chance to make pressure on Butturff was Holliman. He then could not keep the advantage and lost his chance to make a change due to the prior damage he had caused. However, it is still a big hit for Holliman, as it marked the first time he was in the finals appearance throughout 11 PBA Tour events. Also as the runners-up, Holliman becomes the leader of PBA Rookie of the Year this season.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho mykel holliman

There are also interesting matches for the semifinal between Jake Peters and Holliman. With the final perfect strike, Holliman achieved his victory. Peters, after that, entered another match with Chris Sloan, and he won with a 254-226 victory.

Bowling: Straight, Hook or Spinner?

Currently, bowling has 3 main styles: straight, hook and spinner. When you come to this subject, you will often wonder what style you should choose? What are its advantages and disadvantages? This article will answer that question.


Straight is exactly what it sounds like. You take the bowling ball in an absolute straight line towards the pin. This is usually the default style of almost everyone who just started playing. Anyone who has just started bowling can know how to play bowling, even if you throw it out of the ditch. This is the basic technique that every high-level bowler has to grasp.

When it comes to a more professional level of training, this style is often made by the big bowlers who want to break the battery with just the strength and speed of the ball. With this type of attack, you just need to throw as strong as possible, if the ball goes to the right spot somewhere near pin 1, the battery will splatter. The throwing bowlers are often unaffected by lane-based oil types.

However, when throwing straight, the ball hits the battery. You can hardly guess what the battery will be like. Because when the ball hits the No. 1 battery area, the battery will bounce off countless types. In general, straight throwing will minimize the ability to control the ball’s breakage to the battery. You will feel like you’re shooting the lottery with this type of attack.


Hook is the type of bowling that is used by most amateur, semi-professional and professional bowlers until now. Hook as its name refers to the way you put the ball in a curved path like a hook. The ball will loop right and turn back and hit the battery at 1-3


Spinner is basically a way of hitting where you put the ball in a straight line towards the pin, but the ball will rotate in a vertical or inclined vertical position against the flat surface of the lane. You can imagine how a crop spins on the floor to see how the spinner ball will move.

Jason Belmonte is now officially the greatest bowling champion

The Australian bowler has become the first professional player to win 11 major championships throughout his career. By defeating Jakob Butturff 236 over 227, he finally won the 2019 PBA World Championship, taken place at Thunderbowl Lanes on Thursday.

Since he has successfully tied the record with Earl Anthony and Pete Weber, Belmonte needs six weeks to make the new records in his bowling career.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho jason belmonte

Earlier before this match, Belmonte was believed to win the title easily, as he entered the championship as one of the top seeds. Although his component, Butturff, was struggling during the match, he made a huge attempt to make pressure on Belmonte when it came to the final frame.

Belmonte revealed that he teared up when seeing the video showing how cheerful the students in his children’s school was through a TV broadcast, though he is not an emotional guy. He felt the love and admiration in the kids, including his own children, and that made him a hero in the eyes of the kids.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho jason belmonte

The 35-year-old father of two kids won the PBA Tour season’s third major that way. Jason Belmonte had got the chance to win the 11th major a week later, when he attended the Players Championship. However, he was defeated by Anthony Simonsen in the title match.

Still, with the title received in this 2018 PBA World championship, Belmonte has reached a new goal, ranking highest for the finals in three tournaments in a season in a row. He also marked himself the first winner in this season three times. On Tuesday, he has already won his trophy for Chameleon Championship. In sum, Belmonte has received six wins in World series of Bowling competition. Now he is officially a legendary name in bowling championships with the hard-to-break series of records.

94-year-old Famous Bowling Player

Bowling brings to us a lot of health benefits. Moreover, this sport is suitable for all ages. Thus, there are many people picking bowling as their favorite sport to play often. However, few people suspect that a 94-year-old player is the holder of the world record.

A 94-year-old woman in the state of eastern Florida (USA) said this month she will fly across the United States to the western state of Nevada to attend the national women’s bowling championship. This is the 67th consecutive time she attended this tournament.

Mrs. Mini Tvaska in St. Petersburg St. Petersburg (Florida) is currently the record holder for the longest continuous participation of the tournament. There are reports that she will be present at the Reno (Nevada) tournament on May 21 despite the macular degeneration that affected her vision.

At first, she was very sad because of the disease, but now she is happy again because it is still visible anyway. Mrs. Mini Tvaska shared that she will do her best. It can be seen that the love she has for bowling is great.
According to tournament organizers, they are very proud of an athlete like Mrs. Mini Tvaska. They said that she immediately impressed when entering the field. At her age, few can hold the passion for this sport.

Bowling is a sport that is considered extremely good for the elderly. Regular bowling helps to exercise muscles, helps to toughen and especially improves mood. Throwing bowling means that all your muscles are involved in the movement, which is good for the elderly who are facing the aging process. At the same time, when retired, more free time makes many people feel empty and depressed. Bowling is an exciting way to kill time. Sharing and playing with friends and family will help older people feel more comfortable.

World Bowling ranks on top ten of Sportcal’s Social Media Index

With the quick growth lately, World Bowling marked on the highest list of sport organizations and sport events by Sportcal’s Social Media Index. In detail, World Bowling is the most popular on social sites such as Instagram, Youtube and Facebook.

The index includes data collected from January 2017, by carrying out an analysis via social accounts. The analysis is about the top concern on sport organizations and events mentioned on Facebook, Youtube, Instagrams and Twitter, the top four popular social networking sites at the moment.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho bowling

The most outstanding lists which mention World Bowling via social accounts consist of Youtube percentage growth with the 7th place in ranking, and Facebook highest International Federation for growth with the 6th place.

Mentioned by Sportcal, World Bowling is said to fail in an effort to be included in categories for Olympic recently. Nonetheless, the unsuccessful attempt does not make it less popular among other sports, especially on social sites. In detail, it has made the rankings in top lists of most popular and most growing  federations on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho bowling

Megan Tidbury, director of World Bowling’s Marketing and PR, talked zbout the implementation of new digital strategies to improve the popularity of the federation back from 2016. In fact, bowling is the sport which already attracts tremendous attention of the population. To make a significant integration, they just have to deliver the content of bowling’s athletes and events to the enthusiasts and start to join their community. To make it possible, they cooperated with Penceo digital agency from 2016 and produced valuable contents. With the development and spreading success of the current strategies, World Bowling expects to continue this growth and reach more fans throughout the globe.

You can see the details of Sportcal’s Social Media Index in 2017 by purchasing GSI Report 2017, which gives data to analyze the sport impact in three years from 2013 to 2016 with the comparison among 313 events and sport federations.

How to play bowling correctly?

When modern life, there are many different sports development. Bowling is known as the entertainment sport not only for young people but also very good for the elderly.
Lane: Runway – made of shockproof materials, flat surface. On the runway there are different lines and different marks. The first is the horizontal bar that is forbidden to touch when throwing the ball, followed by 7 arrows that are divided into different distances to help players align the standard. Finally Kegel ranked from 1 to 10.

Ball: Bowling balls – made of hard materials (mostly plastic), with different weights and colors. The weight of the ball is marked by the number written on the ball. The lightest is number 6, the heaviest is number 16 (7.3 kg). The ball has 3 holes to keep the finger in.
Kegel: Batteries (or ky) – made of durable materials, of the same size and automatically stacked on the runway. Each kegel has a certain position in numbers.

Game: A game (game) has 10 turns (frame). Each turn throws the player thrown 2 times, except for the last turn. Every throw, if throwing 10 kegel from the first time is called STRIKE, and after 2 new throws, it is called SPARE. Strike and spare are added points. A runway should only be 3 people maximum.

  • Techniques swinging hands before throwing

When swinging a hand throwing ball is often based on the “pendulum” principle. From standing posture we will bring the ball forward and then with the ball and arms swinging the ball backwards. The point of swinging the ball back is from the waist and the highest is the shoulder (but the shoulder is only high for the professional, the new players should not try it), the arm swinging the ball must be straight. You should choose the right weight ball to throw for the best results.

  • Step

Do not go too fast or too slow. The first step is the shortest and the last step is the longest. The last step slipped on the floor. When stopping, just shift your focus to the heel.

  • The ball leaves forward and moves downwards – behind
  • The ball continues to move backwards – below
  • The ball moves behind – go up to the highest level of your hand
  • The ball moves down and goes forward.

4 Common Bowling Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Bowling is a sport that requires ingenuity in balancing hand force and direction of pitching. Here are 4 common mistakes and how to fix them so you get a perfect pitch.

1. Bring the ball forward too far

Moving the ball forward too far will cause the wrist to open, the ball facing back. This makes it impossible to hook effectively when release.

2. Stoop back, lose your posture when the ball has just started the swing

When you stoop and head too much, your ball position in the swing will be wrong. This will deflect the ball’s direction. To overcome this mistake, you are able to reduce the amplitude to bring the ball to the front so that the ball can be located in front of the hand and not sagged behind.

3. Early timing

This usually happens when you put the ball forward and let the ball fall too early. In 4-step mode, this happens when you have just started the first step (right foot) then the ball falls below, while in the 1st step, you just bring the ball forward. In the 5-step pattern, this happens in the 2nd step similar to the 4-step type. On the other hand, giving the ball a late swing also causes you to become disordered and lose sync with the step.

Early timing will lead to a foul line ahead of the sliding foot, you will be sent to the front of the release. A late ball kick will cause you to wait for the ball long before the foul line reaches the foul line, the ball will lose momentum and you will not have the ball with the right speed.

4. Excessive hand strain

This is also a pretty basic error in bowling. Like a pendulum mounted on a rope, your bowling ball needs to be swing freely. Newly trained bowlers often have reflexes to hold the ball during swinging. This is a natural reflex when you hold a heavy object. And it also happens more when holding that heavy object is not sure. A common cause is because the thumb hole is too wide and the finger hole distance with the thumb does not match your hand.