Is Your Bicep Size Bigger Due to Playing Bowling?

Many people still worry that playing bowling are able to make the biceps become bigger and rougher because this sport mainly requires the strength of the hand. This is the concern of many girls. However, does bowling really make your biceps bigger as you think?

The first impression of people about Bowling is that the player “has” brought a very heavy ball 6,7,8,9 or 10 kg. How can women be so heavy? Holding the ball like that will always make your hand bigger like weight training. It looks so bad!

The reason that this subject has many balls with different weights is to make it easier to break batteries. A large ball is more likely to destroy batteries. However, that is just a small aspect of the game.

Girls with a height of 150 to 165 centimeters can easily hold balls from 6 to 10 pounds very easily without having to brace themselves. Furthermore, in a ball throw, you only hold the ball for about 5 seconds to release. If you consider it to be a weightlifting exercise to increase muscle, then the bodybuilders will flock to bowling instead of having to carry a ton of iron weight.

Apart from that, basically, the right bowling technique doesn’t require players to stiffen their forearms. The motion of swinging bowling is like a ball hanging at the end of a thread. The thread can only hold the ball, not the ball. So do your hands, it only works to grasp the ball at the hand and wrist all the forearm and the other arm is completely relaxed and swaying in the rhythm of the footsteps.

Because many of you don’t know the basic technique, you feel you have to hold your hand to hold the ball. Therefore, ask someone with technical guidance during the game. You will be completely comfortable throwing the ball without feeling heavy. And surely your hands will not have muscles!