How to play bowling correctly?

When modern life, there are many different sports development. Bowling is known as the entertainment sport not only for young people but also very good for the elderly.
Lane: Runway – made of shockproof materials, flat surface. On the runway there are different lines and different marks. The first is the horizontal bar that is forbidden to touch when throwing the ball, followed by 7 arrows that are divided into different distances to help players align the standard. Finally Kegel ranked from 1 to 10.

Ball: Bowling balls – made of hard materials (mostly plastic), with different weights and colors. The weight of the ball is marked by the number written on the ball. The lightest is number 6, the heaviest is number 16 (7.3 kg). The ball has 3 holes to keep the finger in.
Kegel: Batteries (or ky) – made of durable materials, of the same size and automatically stacked on the runway. Each kegel has a certain position in numbers.

Game: A game (game) has 10 turns (frame). Each turn throws the player thrown 2 times, except for the last turn. Every throw, if throwing 10 kegel from the first time is called STRIKE, and after 2 new throws, it is called SPARE. Strike and spare are added points. A runway should only be 3 people maximum.

  • Techniques swinging hands before throwing

When swinging a hand throwing ball is often based on the “pendulum” principle. From standing posture we will bring the ball forward and then with the ball and arms swinging the ball backwards. The point of swinging the ball back is from the waist and the highest is the shoulder (but the shoulder is only high for the professional, the new players should not try it), the arm swinging the ball must be straight. You should choose the right weight ball to throw for the best results.

  • Step

Do not go too fast or too slow. The first step is the shortest and the last step is the longest. The last step slipped on the floor. When stopping, just shift your focus to the heel.

  • The ball leaves forward and moves downwards – behind
  • The ball continues to move backwards – below
  • The ball moves behind – go up to the highest level of your hand
  • The ball moves down and goes forward.