Can Pregnant Women Go Bowling?

Many people wonder if it is safe to play bowling while pregnant. The health expert says bowling is good for pregnant people. This is a sport that does not need to be mobilized too much, but helps increase the toughness and improve the mood for pregnant women.

Nowadays, bowling is increasingly popular because it is not only suitable for all ages but also very interesting. Gentle sports exercises such as bowling bring many health benefits, especially for pregnant women. This prevents hypertension and gestational diabetes. When playing bowling with friends, you can enhance positive emotions and prevent postpartum depression. If you feel uncomfortable or unusual when bowling, you should stop playing.

Most doctors think there is no problem when pregnant women play bowling. Bowling is a light sport and will not harm your mother and child if you play carefully. You just need to be careful to observe your body’s expression.

In fact, many doctors also recommend playing these gentle sports to help yourself stay healthy and not gain excess weight during pregnancy. However, before playing bowling, you should also consult with your doctor.

Although bowling is safe for pregnant women, along with the growing baby, you will feel more difficult and tired. When entering the last 3 months of pregnancy, you should be more cautious when lifting bowling balls. Here are some notes that you should keep in mind.

  • Make sure not to hurt your back when lifting the ball. When lifting the ball, you should bend over your knees, avoid bending your back as well as keep your back straight.
  • The larger the fetus, the looser the joints and ligaments of the mother will become. In this case, throwing balls in bowling can affect the back and cause ligament damage.
  • At the end of your pregnancy, your external appearance will change more with pressure on your spine as well.
  • You may feel more weight on the body and it will be harder to balance. Raising bowling balls and throwing them can be dangerous for you because you can lose your balance and fall.
  • You also often feel more tired and will be more difficult to lift or bend. In fact, pregnant women should not take part in such activities as bowling when their birthdays are close.