Bowling: Straight, Hook or Spinner?

Currently, bowling has 3 main styles: straight, hook and spinner. When you come to this subject, you will often wonder what style you should choose? What are its advantages and disadvantages? This article will answer that question.


Straight is exactly what it sounds like. You take the bowling ball in an absolute straight line towards the pin. This is usually the default style of almost everyone who just started playing. Anyone who has just started bowling can know how to play bowling, even if you throw it out of the ditch. This is the basic technique that every high-level bowler has to grasp.

When it comes to a more professional level of training, this style is often made by the big bowlers who want to break the battery with just the strength and speed of the ball. With this type of attack, you just need to throw as strong as possible, if the ball goes to the right spot somewhere near pin 1, the battery will splatter. The throwing bowlers are often unaffected by lane-based oil types.

However, when throwing straight, the ball hits the battery. You can hardly guess what the battery will be like. Because when the ball hits the No. 1 battery area, the battery will bounce off countless types. In general, straight throwing will minimize the ability to control the ball’s breakage to the battery. You will feel like you’re shooting the lottery with this type of attack.


Hook is the type of bowling that is used by most amateur, semi-professional and professional bowlers until now. Hook as its name refers to the way you put the ball in a curved path like a hook. The ball will loop right and turn back and hit the battery at 1-3


Spinner is basically a way of hitting where you put the ball in a straight line towards the pin, but the ball will rotate in a vertical or inclined vertical position against the flat surface of the lane. You can imagine how a crop spins on the floor to see how the spinner ball will move.