Bowling: Is Shoulder Drop A Mistake?

As a bowler, you’ve probably received comments like your role dropped and you’re told to keep your shoulders up to play bowling better. So is the truth that tilting your shoulders or dropping your shoulders is a bad habit or a bad move in bowling?

Dropping the shoulder is a bowler’s action when tilting the shoulder to one side makes the side shoulder lower than the other shoulder when standing holding the ball, moving the momentum and ending the ball. The advice not to drop the shoulder is actually a tip that existed in the world of bowlers for a very long time when the high-tech bowling balls were not in the wild and most of the bowlers used urethane balls, little Friction, little hook and the majority of the ball are going straight to a foul line perpendicular to the hook before being lightly taped to the 1-3 pin. With such straight lines and few hooks, most bowlers must keep the horizontal shoulder absolutely so that the ball doesn’t get too much out (the ball made by urethane can’t hook a lot and hook the big corner).

Since the 1990s, the story has changed a lot when shell-shaped balls of high-tech cores begin to appear on the market to help bowlers create big dreamlike hook lines and play indifferently. At that time, it is necessary to create larger corners and extend beyond the lane. Falling shoulders or tilting shoulders now proved to be an essential technique for bowlers to do so.

As you tilt your shoulders, you create a natural space for the ball when it is inserted into the swing round, which bowling experts call the Swing Slot. The ball will not get entangled in your legs during the momentum. This creates an extremely comfortable and stable swing feeling during the swing ball.

Your aim will be much improved. When tilting your shoulders to one side, your head, eyes and chin have moved in the same direction a bit and it will be placed just above the ball, after you’ve tilted your shoulders. This is a prerequisite for achieving an effective and accurate vision.

When tilting your shoulders to one side while holding a ball, the ball will inadvertently be brought inside the body, which means your body’s focus will be more stable when moving and avoiding shaking. You will have a much better shot.