Basic Bowling Accessories You Need to Have (part 2)

In addition to the items listed in Part 1, other items in this part 2 should also be in your bowling bag for timely use when needed.

4. Bowling tape

The bowling tape here is a special type used to stick a thumb hole or into your hand when bowling. 2 types:

Thumb duct tape:

A thumbstick tape is used to make the hole fit better or to help you stick a hole more firmly. There are 2 types of thumb hole tape that are black slippery tape (help you slip easily out of the hole) and white hiss tape helps you stick more firmly.

Sometimes your fingers expand, especially if you have a finger bottle, your thumb will become wider, making it harder for you to stick to the ball. A small piece of duct tape attached to the thumb hole is a fast and effective solution. This tape is made into pre-cut pieces, wrapped into rolls, you just need to tear it out and use it immediately.

Finger tape

Finger tape is used to stick to the finger for the purpose of tightening the thumb hole, while protecting the finger from being bottled by friction into the thumb hole at the exit of the thumb. This tape is made into long rolls for you to cut out pieces with arbitrary length.

5. Pull sharp

If you have used duct tape then it is difficult to not carry the scissors. The scissors are used to cut the tape and it also accidentally becomes a tool that helps you stick the tape to the thumb hole more easily.

6. 502 glue

You will say that glue 502 has nothing to do with it if you have not had a finger after a long time using peeled and accidentally dropped it. This is an extremely unpredictable case. But if it happens that you don’t have the 502 glue to fix it right away, you can say goodbye to your tournament that evening

7. Ball wash water

Ball wash water is the accessory you need to take regularly with you to clean the ball after hitting it. In some cases, the use of ball wash water to clean balls during competition also has a significant effect, helping the surface of the ball shell to be removed from the dirt and quickly returning to its inherent “curve”.

8. Medical tape

Like every other sport, you can always be injured while practicing and bowling. What would you do if your fingers accidentally peeled off, bleed? No one will help you at that time faster and more effectively than you. So, have a box of medical tape in your bowling bag handy for your own safety and health.

All the above accessories are nothing bulky. It will fit nicely in a baby bag like this for you to put in your bowling ball bag. Be professional from the way you prepare for your own game.