94-year-old Famous Bowling Player

Bowling brings to us a lot of health benefits. Moreover, this sport is suitable for all ages. Thus, there are many people picking bowling as their favorite sport to play often. However, few people suspect that a 94-year-old player is the holder of the world record.

A 94-year-old woman in the state of eastern Florida (USA) said this month she will fly across the United States to the western state of Nevada to attend the national women’s bowling championship. This is the 67th consecutive time she attended this tournament.

Mrs. Mini Tvaska in St. Petersburg St. Petersburg (Florida) is currently the record holder for the longest continuous participation of the tournament. There are reports that she will be present at the Reno (Nevada) tournament on May 21 despite the macular degeneration that affected her vision.

At first, she was very sad because of the disease, but now she is happy again because it is still visible anyway. Mrs. Mini Tvaska shared that she will do her best. It can be seen that the love she has for bowling is great.
According to tournament organizers, they are very proud of an athlete like Mrs. Mini Tvaska. They said that she immediately impressed when entering the field. At her age, few can hold the passion for this sport.

Bowling is a sport that is considered extremely good for the elderly. Regular bowling helps to exercise muscles, helps to toughen and especially improves mood. Throwing bowling means that all your muscles are involved in the movement, which is good for the elderly who are facing the aging process. At the same time, when retired, more free time makes many people feel empty and depressed. Bowling is an exciting way to kill time. Sharing and playing with friends and family will help older people feel more comfortable.