4Y Principle in Bowling Training and Competition

Bowling will be just a pointless ball throw game without 4 elements called 4-Y.

4 elements not to be missed when playing bowling is 4-Y (Accuracy – Consistency – Efficiency – Versatility). When going into practice and competition, you will gradually realize that these 4 factors are very important because it will directly affect your performance and the biggest difference between entertainment bowling and sports bowling.


Accuracy is the first crucial point in this game even if you’re just bowling for entertainment. Accuracy depends on a small part on the ability to target rich and a large part of your targeting system. In pro bowler circles in the US, Walter Ray William Jr. is recognized as a legend with a natural ability to aim biologically. Thanks to that, he was nicknamed Dead-Eye.

Players always set up a system aimed at themselves and often adjust and optimize this system over time. The difference between entertainment players and professional players is that when they get into the fight, they always know where to stand and where to aim. The multi-player targeting system is a 3-point aiming system with static eyes.


Stability is something that every bowler wants to achieve even if people never reach 100% stability or 10 same shots like 1. The higher the stability, the more effective it is to break the battery and The score is also proportional. Stability depends on the ability to master the movements. In other words, the level of the brain perceives the movements so deeply that you can do the technique out of the ball without having to be aware that you are and must do it. This depends on the number of times you make a conscious move. That is, you do the gesture and be aware of what is and will happen when you do it.


The effect here is in two respects: The amount of battery you get on the first ball average and the power you spend on a strike (or the same amount of battery falls).


The level of flexibility here refers to the ability to transform strokes on oil types. Understandably, you can take the ball along any path that may appear on the lane to optimize the score on each type of oil, floor type.