4 Common Bowling Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Bowling is a sport that requires ingenuity in balancing hand force and direction of pitching. Here are 4 common mistakes and how to fix them so you get a perfect pitch.

1. Bring the ball forward too far

Moving the ball forward too far will cause the wrist to open, the ball facing back. This makes it impossible to hook effectively when release.

2. Stoop back, lose your posture when the ball has just started the swing

When you stoop and head too much, your ball position in the swing will be wrong. This will deflect the ball’s direction. To overcome this mistake, you are able to reduce the amplitude to bring the ball to the front so that the ball can be located in front of the hand and not sagged behind.

3. Early timing

This usually happens when you put the ball forward and let the ball fall too early. In 4-step mode, this happens when you have just started the first step (right foot) then the ball falls below, while in the 1st step, you just bring the ball forward. In the 5-step pattern, this happens in the 2nd step similar to the 4-step type. On the other hand, giving the ball a late swing also causes you to become disordered and lose sync with the step.

Early timing will lead to a foul line ahead of the sliding foot, you will be sent to the front of the release. A late ball kick will cause you to wait for the ball long before the foul line reaches the foul line, the ball will lose momentum and you will not have the ball with the right speed.

4. Excessive hand strain

This is also a pretty basic error in bowling. Like a pendulum mounted on a rope, your bowling ball needs to be swing freely. Newly trained bowlers often have reflexes to hold the ball during swinging. This is a natural reflex when you hold a heavy object. And it also happens more when holding that heavy object is not sure. A common cause is because the thumb hole is too wide and the finger hole distance with the thumb does not match your hand.